Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk
Labyrinth of Refrain Coven of Dusk Logo
Rufuran no Chika Meikyū to Majo no Ryodan
Developer(s) Nippon Ichi Software
Publisher(s) Nippon Ichi Software
Designer(s) Takehito Harada
Platform PlayStation Vita
PlayStation 4
Nintendo Switch
Genre SRPG, Dungeon Crawler
Release Date PlayStation Vita
JP June 23, 2016
PlayStation 4

JP September 28, 2017
NA September 18, 2018
EU September 21, 2018
Microsoft Windows
WW September 18, 2018
Nintendo Switch
NA September 18, 2018
EU September 21, 2018
JP September 27, 2018

Ratings PlayStation Vita
PlayStation 4
USK: 15+
Nintendo Switch
Mode(s) Single-player
In a far-off land, deep beneath the mysterious town of Refrain, lies an unexplored underground labyrinth. One day, a witch arrived at the town with the intention of exploring this labyrinth...
—Website description

Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk is a dungeon crawler role playing video game developed and published by Nippon Ichi Software. It was released in Japan in June 2016 for the PlayStation Vita and was released in September 2017 for the PlayStation 4. The game was released for an international release on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Microsoft Windows in September 2018.


The player character navigates a 3D dungeon in the first-person view. Monsters are at first, encountered randomly but can be viewed and avoided later in the game. Battles are conducted with the player's party members fighting 2D-animated monsters in the format of a turn-based battle system. As the player character is a book, part of the plot involves utilizing puppets created in varying classes that will assist the player in exploration and battle. Completing battles yields continuous Mana and Silver, currencies which will allow the player to access pivotal features throughout the course of the game.

The playable classes consist of the Aster Knight, a melee-based class; the Shinobushi, a thief-centric class; the Theatrical Star, a support-like class; the Peer Fortress, a tank-centric class; the Marginal Maze, a mage-like class; and the Mad Raptor, a ranged class. The puppets can be created using souls and can have their names, likenesses, voices, stats and origin, much to the player's liking.

The player is able to access a Market with items varying from those that heal HP, ailments and death to items that are needed to create puppets or synthesize puppets with varying traits. Items obtained from exploration can also be sold to the Market for a varying amount of silver. As the story progresses, the selection in the Market will increase in variety and usefulness.

The Alchemy Pot feature allows players to synthesize weapons, disassemble weapons or unseal sealed equipment. Synthesizing weapons consists of setting a base weapon to enhance and then adding several weapons to sacrifice in order to increase the stats of the base weapon. Unsealing a sealed equipment requires a portion of collected Mana and may yield an equipment with strong stats.



LoRCoD Refrain
Our story begins in this forsaken place. The quiet town of Refrain is located due west of the royal capital. One must cross three separate mountain ranges to reach it. For this reason, the town rarely receives outsiders. In the past, visitors would travel far and wide to Refrain, having heard rumors of its underground labyrinth. But as the labyrinth continued to prove too daunting to be conquered, visitors to the town became more scarce, until they stopped coming altogether.
—Website description on "Refrain—The Town Atop the Ancient Labyrinth"[1]

Refrain is a town located on an average plot of land. The town has a church, a bakery, a marketplace and it has a well in the town square known as the Well of Khalaza. Dronya and Luca set their caravan near the well and also set up a puppet theater.

LoRCoD Well of Khalaza
The labyrinth is situated at the bottom of a well in the town square in Refrain's west district. Rumor has it that the labyrinth is overflowing with treasure, but no one knows for certain. A deadly miasma permeates the ground beneath Refrain, and 568 people are confirmed to have died while exploring the labyrinth. Even the labyrinth's sole survivor eventually succumbed to the effects of miasma exposure.
—Website description on "The Underground Labyrinth"[1]

The well emits a miasma which is fatal to humans. It extends deep below the town and contains monsters and several dimension planes. It is rumored that the only person to successfully descend the well and climb back up had written the Tractactus de Monstrum.


LoRCod Characters

Main cast of Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk.

Main article: List of Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk characters
  • Dronya - The Dusk Witch. A beautiful raven-haired witch, cloaked in black robes. Dronya serves the king as a court witch, and is called the Dusk Witch due to her brilliant red-and-blue eyes. She is also known by another name: Baba Yaga.[1]
  • Luca - The Witch's Apprentice. Dronya's young apprentice and traveling companion. An upbeat, excitable child who is easily moved to tears and laughter, often alternating between the two. Despite her young age, Luca can perform a variety of household tasks, such as cooking, cleaning, shopping, and doing laundry.[1]
  • Tractatus de Monstrum - The Fabled Cursed Tome. A legendary book, scribed by the only man to uncover the secrets of the labyrinth and survive. As the player, your soul has been sealed in this book.[1]
  • Neldo - The Mysterious Youth From the Labyrinth. A silver-haired young man who keeps a sword at his waist. Neldo is a trained warrior who specializes in sword techniques. He disapproves of Dronya's exploration and eventually emerges from the labyrinth to confront her about it.[1]
  • Petrone - Acting governor of Refrain and chairman of the Petrone Company, the largest market in town. It was Petrone who sent for the Great Witch, Baba Yaga, to investigate the Labyrinth.[1]
  • Klaus - A butler in service to the Petrone Company. Polite, professional, and respectful in all his interactions with others. For this reason, he is perhaps too accommodating when demands are made of him.[1]
  • Juliet - Wealthy heiress of the Flandre Company, the second-largest business in Refrain. The people of Refrain hold her in high esteem and address her Lady Juliet as a sign of respect. She is never seen without her signature blue-and-white parasol.[1]
  • Maylee - A chipper, outspoken young woman who works at the bakery. Her passon for bread is second to none, and she wakes up bright and early every morning to prepare fresh loaves for the day. It bothers her when people think she's older than she really is.[1]
  • Nemto - A master craftsman whose dextrous hands belie his enormous frame. As a man of few words, his apprentice Fritz does all the talking for him. Despite his appearance, he is actually quite fond of children.[1]
  • Fritz - A young boy, not much older than Luca, who works at the craftwork shop. He can be a little bratty, but he works day and night under his mentor, Nemto, so that he can become a proud craftsman himself one day.[1]
  • Marietta - A one-eyed nun who resides in the town abbey. She lives a modest life of frugality, with potatoes serving as her main food source. Despite being a servant of God she will indulge in some vices, such as eating meat and drinking wine, should the opportunity present itself.[1]
  • Pecorino - The Dawn Witch. A witch located in the Kingdom of Astrom.


This is the story of a faraway world, where faint traces of magic still linger. A world called Tanis. The mysterious town of Refrain resides there.

Deep beneath that isolated and forsaken town lies an unexplored underground labyrinth. Nobody knows who built it, or when it was built.

Some say it holds treasures that could control the world, treasures that could make one immortal, and a slumbering demon king whose awakening could end the world. But no one knows for certain.

What is known is that the labyrinth is filled with cursed miasma, a substance that brings death to any human it touches.

One day, a witch arrived at Refrain with the intention of exploring this labyrinth.

Her name was Dusk Witch Dronya.

She had in her possession a legendary book, said to have been written by the only man to explore the labyrinth and survive. The Tractatus de Monstrum...
—Official website description

Production creditsEdit


Game Designer Tatsuya Izumi
Character Designer Takehito Harada
Music Composer Tenpei Sato
Programmers Shin-ichi Muramatsu
Ken-ichiro Ueda
Masanori Esumi
Yuta Tanabe
Kazuya Ogawa
Yusuke Touge
Planners Tatsuya Izumi
Kota Suzuki
Taku Kyoya
Designers Hiroshi Oonishi
Tomo Yamane
Kota Suzuki
Yuting Hung
Directors Tatsuya Izumi
Yoshiyuki Akasaka
Project Leader Takuma Tatsumi
Executive Producers Koichi Kitazumi
Sohei Niikawa
Associate Producer Ai Umeno

Voice castEdit

Character Japanese English
Dronya Eri Sendai Allegra Clark[2][3]
Luca Atsumi Tanezaki Ryan Bartley[4]
Neldo Jun Fukushima
Marietta Yuki Kuwahara Brianna Knickerbocker[5]
Baba Yaga Reiko Suzuki
Petrone Kenta Sasa Brad Venable[6]
Klaus Syuta Morishima Chris Hackney[7]
Maylee Izumi Kitta
Juliet Mikoi Sasaki
Nemto Syunsuke Takeuchi Chris Tergliafera[8]
Fritz Makoto Koichi
Baltini III Syunsuke Takeuchi
Newton Junichi Yanagita
Bah-Bah ?
Isara Chinatsu Akasaki
Velnya Eri Sendai
Funa Izumi Kitta
Medinilla Junichi Yanagita
Mezzaluca Jackie Lastra[9]

Aina Aiba, Aimi, Yuta Aoki, Tomoki Atsuta, Daiki Abe, Ayasa Ito, Yuki Utami, Yuka Ozaki, Rika Katsumata, Rina Kadena, Atusko Kato, Teppei Kaneko, Hideki Sakao, Natsue Sasamoto, Rei Sato, Sonoka Tsukiyama, Hisako Tojo, Hiroshi Nakamura, Takashi Narumi, Kosaku Numao, Miduki Hamada, Mina Fujisawa, Masanori Matsuoka, Makiko Miura, Masamune Miyata, Rika Momokawa, Arisa Morishima, Mitsuru Watanabe

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