LoRCoD Luca
Job Apprentice Witch
Gender Female
Race Human
Height N/A
Age N/A
Voice (JP)
Voice (EN)
Appearances Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk
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Luca is one of the main characters from Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk. She travels with Dronya in a caravan filled with puppets, artifacts and tomes. She is eager to help Dronya however she can and sees her like family.



Luca is a young and short girl with short blonde hair. When excited, Luca's eyes highlight a star-like shape in her pupils.


Luca is naive, curious and eager to learn. She is scared of most things she encounters.


Luca arrives with Dronya at Refrain in order to explore the Well of Khalaza.

Other appearancesEdit

Age of IshtariaEdit

AoI Dronya Luca

Dronya and Luca in Age of Ishtaria.

The Twilight Witch and her apprentice... They made a name for themselves by exploring the underground labyrinth of Refrain. And even after all of that, the witch will not loosen her grip on that legendary book... The Tractatus de Monstrum.
—Card description[1]

Dronya appears with Luca as an obtainable character with a Pound attack type and a Null element. Their passive skills are "The Dusk Witch" which revives and heals fallen self once only if skill procs at a 35% chance and "Tractatus de Monstrum" which immensely lowers ATK of foes at a 40% chance. Their active skill is Null Cure All III which boosts Null Units' ATK for 1 Turn and heals all allies for 8 turns. They are obtainable from the limited packs known as "Nippon Ichi Packs". Their artwork was illustrated by Takehito Harada.[1]

Card quote:

Dronya: "Fetch the Tractatus de Monstrum."
Luca: "I brought it! I got it right here!"[1]

Homepage quote:

Luca: Here I am, Madam Dronya! You called for me?"[1]

Z/X -Zillions of enemy X-Edit

ZX Luca

Luca in Z/X -Zillions of enemy X-.

うわぁうわぁ~。みてください、ドロニア様! 蟹さんです! 蟹さんがいますよ!
Wooooow! Look, Madam Dronya! Crabbies! Li'l pinchy crabbies!
—Card description[2]

Luca, known as "Witch's Apprentice, Luca (魔女の弟子ルカ Majo no Deshi Ruka?)", appears as an obtainable card. Her color is blue, her card type is Z/X, her tribe is Luca, her cost is 5 and her power is 7500. She is obtainable from the set known as "Nippon Ichi Software 3". Her artwork was illustrated by Takehito Harada.[2]

She has the following effect when used in play:

Waker Lv 2 (Available if you have 2 or more face-up [Waker] in your Dynamis.) [Auto] <Valid> Square <Trigger> This card appears.
<Effect> Draw 2 cards, choose a card in your hand, and put it into Trash.
You may choose a Cost 3 or less Z/X in your hand, and make it appear on
empty ◎ Square in Sleep State.[2]




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