LoRCoD Pecorino
Alias Dawn Witch Pecorino
Witch Pecorino
New Titan Soldier
Titan Pecorino
Job Witch
Gender Female
Race Human
Height N/A
Age N/A
Voice (JP) N/A
Voice (EN) N/A
Appearances Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk
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I am Dawn Witch Pecorino. You may consider me the glue that binds this kingdom together. Your presence here is an insult to his majesty. How will you make amends?
—First meeting with Pecorino

Pecorino, also known as Witch Pecorino, is one of the minor antagonists from Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk. She is initially found in the Kingdom of Astrom, serving as the adviser for the gnomes and the final boss of that labyrinth.



Pecorino has long pink hair with swirls at her ends. She wears a red dress and white bloomers. She wears boots with red laces. She wields a wand with hearts surrounding the tip.

As a Titan, Pecorino is wrapped up in chains while still wielding her wand, now having black hears surrounding the tip.


Pecorino is arrogant, shrewd and willing to do what it takes to obtain power. She has also shown herself to be manipulative as she was able to convince the Gnome Kingdom to heed her counsel.

As a Titan, Pecorino is stripped of her personality and can only mutter the things she once desired.


Worry not, Your Majesty. My powers were gifted to me by an ancient witch. Thanks to her gift, I was able to take one of the eyes of the Great Sage...
—Pecorino assuring the Gnome King

Pecorino is encountered nearing the end of the Player's exploration in the Kingdom of Astrom. She is found at the Gnome King's castle, declaring her might over the Player. She engages the Player in battle following her admittance that she was gifted powers by an ancient witch and that she was able procure one of the eyes of the Great Sage.

After being defeated in battle, Pecorino fears that she is about to lose her Millenial Kingdom and begins to ramble about a key that she needs to find in order to surpass the power of the ancient witch. The Gnome King listens to her intent and claims that the kingdom is his to rule. Pecorino tries to explain but to no avail as the Gnome King has her tied up and sent to the labor camps for her crime of deception. Pecorino protests going to the labor camp and states that she made them the military power they are today. However, she is gagged and dragged to the labor camp.

Ahgahgah... Gelp... Gelp me... Ahgahgah...
—Pecorino as a Titan

Pecorino is later seen by the labor camp as a Titan still grasping onto her wand, lobotomized and a shadow of her former self. Still clinging to facets of her personality and asking for help, she rampages and attacks the Player. After being defeated, Pecorino calls out for a key and a being called Vrana as she fades away. She drops Pecorino's Pact following her defeat.


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